Mar 27, 2012

Are you a jogger?

I always despised the term jogger. The word jogger reminds me of headbands, high socks and Olivia Newton John. It sounds slow and unmotivated. It is attainable by anyone who chooses to put on some gear (usually too much) and hit the streets. Joggers give us runners a bad image.

You might be a jogger if:

1. You wear socks that cover your calves and they aren't compression socks
2. You only have one pair of running shoes in your closet
3. You run without a workout plan
4. You still wear pants and long sleeves when the temperature goes above 45 degrees
5. You can't recall the pace per mile of your last run
6. You have no idea what fartlek means, but it sounds funny
7. You consider 3 miles to be a long distance
8. You cannot run without your earbuds
9. You don't mind being passed by other runners and gladly stop at every intersection
10. You think "just finishing" the race is an accomplishment

Come to think of it, being a jogger sounds like fun.

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