Mar 29, 2012

Do you wave to other runners?

It seems like running etiquette has changed over the last 10 years. I remember a time when runners exchanged waves and a nod of the head with a secretive pride. Kind of like a secret handshake among fraternity brothers, a low wave between Harley riders, or salute between soldiers. 

These days everyone seems to be wrapped up in themselves. Is it the earbuds? Maybe the music has them in a trance. Could it be that they are so focused on their watch and their performance that the energy just isn't there to recognize a fellow runner? Or maybe it's just 'stranger danger' taken to a new level of paranoia.

I encourage all of you to wave to other runners and cyclists and let them know that you understand the effort and discipline they have exhibited to become an athlete. To join the club of the fit and the healthy is to be rewarded with open acceptance and encouragement. You just might make somebody's day with a wave and a smile. And, you might find yourself smiling too.

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