Mar 28, 2012

Tips for Runners: How not to get hit by a car.

By now you have probably seen it for yourself. The careless driver that seems oblivious to their surroundings until it is almost too late. They swerve over the white line and into your space on the side of the road. After noticing their error they become hostile to you, the runner. Seriously? How about an apology instead of the curse words and gestures.

My heart rate is going up just writing this entry. However, when it comes to runners versus motor vehicles, the runner will always lose. So, please watch out for yourself and respect the vehicles right of way. Even the law is there to protect the driver and not the runner or the cyclist. We carry the burden of proof in the court of law.

Try to do a few of these simple things to protect yourself:

1. Wear bright colors
2. Run against traffic
3. Run in the early morning when traffic is light
4. Avoid the roads and move to the trails
5. Wear reflective vests, bands, or LED lights
6. Be vigilant and watch for drivers that look erratic
7. Make eye contact with drivers when crossing in front of them
8. Run in the dirt or grass if you feel threatened by an oncoming vehicle
9. Smile and wave to the drivers to let them know you are there
10. Try to refrain from escalating the situation with crude gestures and hurtful words

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