Jul 11, 2013

Race Review: 24th Annual Evelyn's Run for the Roses 5K and Men's Run for the Women

24th Annual Evelyn's Run for the Roses 5K and Men's Run for the Women
Salisbury, MA
May 18, 2013
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Overall Racing Experience: 4/5

Evelyn's Run for the Roses 5K is a race put on for runners, by runners. The Winner's Circle Running Club manages the race with enthusiasm and good cheer. What makes this event really special is the chase format. The girls are given a 3 minute head start on the guys. It makes for some creative competition and some really inspired running!

Parking/Facilities/Registration: Parking is plentiful and located very close to the start. Porta potties were located in the parking lot of the Winner's Circle establishment and registration was out front. I never found myself waiting in line for more than a minute. Registration was efficient and there were plenty of very pleasant volunteers on hand. Score 1/1

Race Course: The course was a little boring. It was a loop, so that was interesting in the sense that you covered the same ground and knew how to prepare for the final push to the finish line. But, the course was on wide open roads with traffic buzzing by just feet away in both directions. At one point the race went through an industrial park.  Score 0/1

Refreshments: Post race refreshments consisted of beer, popcorn, water, sports drinks, and oranges. The Traveler Beer Company provided the refreshments. Plenty of food was available for everyone. Score 1/1

Awards and Results: The awards ceremony was entertaining and very generously subsidized with raffle giveaways to participants. I think it may be one of the best races I've been to in terms of recognizing the runners and making everyone feel good about their efforts. Guys and girls are mixed recipients in every category with guys carrying 3 minutes. Score 1/1

Overall Experience: I really enjoyed the race event and I will be sure to put this on my race calendar for next year as well. The chase format, the excellent race management, friendly volunteers, and generous awards will continue to make this a great race. Score 1/1

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Race Score: 4/5

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