Jul 12, 2013

Race Review: Bradford 5K Road Race

Bradford 5K
Bradford, NH
July 7, 2013
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                                                                                Overall Racing Experience: 3/5

The Bradford 5K is another nice small town road race.

Parking/Facilities/Registration: The parking situation is not very good. Runners must find parking spots on the streets which are already packed with church fair patrons, townspeople, and other runners, most of which also need a place to park their vehicles. The registration table was easy to spot outside the town hall building in the center of town. There was one porta potty locate behind the same building for runners to use. Needless to say, this caused a long line to form prior to the race start.  Score 0/1

Race Course: The course starts in the road just feet away from the registration area. After crossing an intersection it begins a long climb for the first mile of the race. This is followed by a long gradual decent during mile two. Mile three runs along a busy highway and is fully exposed to the sun which happened to be incredibly hot on the day of the race. I like the challenge of the hills, but not the traffic hazards and monotony of running along a highway. There was a water stop at the halfway point, and thankfully a couple of homeowners connected their garden hoses and sprayed down runners who wanted some relief from the heat. Score 0/1

Refreshments: Runners could find orange slices, bananas, watermelon, and water at the refreshment table.  Score 1/1

Awards and Results: The age group awards were very generous- especially for the younger runners who had age group increments of only 5 years. Medals were awarded to the top three in gold, silver and bronze. The medals were also inscribed with the race name, place and category. I think that is a nice touch that does not go unnoticed. There were may awards for local residents and students as well. Score 1/1

Overall Experience: The Bradford 5K is what I consider an old school town road race. If you are looking for a laid back summer season race, some surprising out of town competition, and a good test of your conditioning, look no further. Score 1/1

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Race Score: 3/5

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