Mar 18, 2013

Benefits of Compression Socks

Men's CEP Classic - White
After battling with tendonitis in my big toe for a month and a half, I have become vigilant about injury prevention. I warm up, cool down, and try to be better about stretching in general. I also discovered compression socks.

My first thought was: Really? I'm going to pull my socks all the way up to me knees. This must be what getting old looks like. You know,  that point in your life where function surpasses form and style is replaced by practicality.

The first time I tried them on was after a ten-mile tempo run. I immediately liked the feeling of the compression around my sore muscles. I wore them under my pants for the rest of the day and I think it really helped with recovery. I was ready for my workout the next day and ran surprisingly well.

After that first experience I decided to take them out on the road during a nine-mile run on a very cold New England day. It was great for the first 1/2 mile or so, but I just couldn't keep my socks from falling down. I even tried a larger size sock and had the same result. Bummer.

For me, the compression socks will probably be a post run recovery strategy. I feel faster running races in the tiniest socks possible and I like to let my legs breathe a bit.

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