Mar 18, 2013

Running on the Winter Roads

Winter running presents many challenges to even the most diehard runners. Among the worst are the frigid temperatures, shorter days and icy roads. We can put on more clothing to combat the dropping temperatures and we can run later in the morning or earlier in the afternoon to avoid the dark, but the icy roads present the greatest threat.

Icy or snowy roads mean two things: poor driving conditions and slippery surfaces. Let's cover them one at a time.

It pays to be a defensive runner. Jump in the snowbank if you have to! Drivers often forget you might be out there. Often times they are hurriedly making their way to work and have only a small area of windshield from which to see the roads as their defrosters try hard to clear the rest. Couple that with the slippery conditions and poor manueverabiltiy and it's really scary to be out there. YOU must be watching for THEM. It doesn't pay to play chicken with a 2 ton vehicle.

Runners also have slippery conditions to contend with. It can be difficult just staying upright and on your feet. I have found an easy way to combat the slippery roads. This solution costs almost nothing- a few hexagonal metal screws and an old pair of running shoes. One thing to note: I did develop a blister on one foot where the screw caused some pressure. I moved the screw to another location and the problem went away.

Check out this video from Runners World:

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